SYMPHONIE DES FEMMES celebrates women at the top of their field, excelling in what has for many years been a traditionally male dominated industry.

This all female orchestra was born out of a collaboration with aussie rock icons The Whitlams. Originally conceived by The Whitlams front man Tim Freedman to add a touch of glamour to a luxurious corporate function, the event was such as success that the orchestra joined the band for two more concerts in Sydney’s State theatre later that year and have to continued to perform with them in recent years.

As Australia’s only all-female full symphony orchestra, SYMPHONIE DES FEMMES creates a uniquely captivating on-stage presence and can bring a unique element to any number of contexts.

With high-profile players based throughout the country, SYMPHONIE DES FEMMES can be recreated in just about any part of Australia.

“They played wonderfully and we all had a great time.”

Tim Freedman – The Whitlams.

Available throughout Australia and also internationally.