YOUKA Violin + DJ


VIOLIN + DJ (Hip-hop/House/Pop), VOCALS, KEY-TAR (Melbourne, Brisbane, Berlin based).

Classically trained, jazz-converted and pop crazy, this electrifying violinist will tantalise your eardrums from every angle with her eclectic style.

Most at home with her foot on a Crybaby wah-pedal, Youka delights in turning tradition on its head in her approach to the violin. Her specialty is house music, but she knows her way around latin, flamenco and jazz, and is no stranger to rock and folk.

In her element teaming up with DJs, Youka also has a great set of pipes on her and sure knows how to wield a key-tar.

Some of the ensembles Youka has work with include:

Jacket Off (live dance music act),

The Saruzu Quartet (flamenco dance & music ensemble)

Well Strung String Quartet (classical & jazz string quartet)

Grassroots Street Orchestra (hip hop outfit)

Shisha (experimental world music trio)

Red Eye Moon (folk/soul band)

Parlourvice (soul/rock band)

Georgia Potter Band (folk band)

Melbourne, Brisbane, Berlin based – Available throughout Australia and also internationally.