“urbane” = suave, elegant, refined, polished – having the savoir-faire regarded as characteristic of social life in a cosmopolitan city….

ENSEMBLE URBANE = Friends and colleagues playing the music that moves us.


ENSEMBLE URBANE is reaching a new audience by taking music out of the concert hall and into urban spaces. It presents high-end classical chamber music in a refreshingly approachable context. The series showcases some of Australia’s most exciting and vibrant talent in a relaxed and intimate setting.

Founded in 2011, the ENSEMBLE URBANE concert series combines music with other mediums such as visual art, photography, song, spoken word and dance and is performed in bars and galleries in and around the Melbourne CBD. It blends music and art forms of contrasting genres in a surprisingly harmonious manner.

Our hope for these concerts is that at least one person comes along and experiences something they never knew they’d love.


Musicians have included:

Violin – Jess Bell, Dan Curro, Monica Curro, Sarah Curro, Fran Hiew, Cameron Hill, Jenny Khafagi, Xani Kolac, Luke Moller, Lachlan O’Donnell, Lynette Rayner, Kristian Winther

Viola – Chris Cartlidge, Will Clark, Helen Ireland, Leah Zweck

Cello – Blair Harris, Will Hewer

Double Bass – Steve Newton, Nic Synot

Trumpet – Josh Rogan

Trombone – Chris Farrands

French Horn – Saul Lewis, Alexis Routley

Oboe – Annabelle Badcock

Clarinet – Phil Arkinstall, Alex Morris, Jodie Upton

Bassoon – Brock Imison, Jack Schiller

Percussion – Jenny Morrish

Conductor – Fabian Russell


Collaborating artists have included:

Performing Artists –

Lotte Betts-Dean (Opera singer/Actor), Tommy Bradson (Cabaret artist/Actor), Fleur Conlon (Contemporary dancer), Daniel Gaudiello (Ballet dancer/Actor)

Visual Artists –

Eleanor Butt (photography), Tuvya Day (stencils), Lukas Hausler (video game inspired graphic art), Lisa Lloyd (photography)


Repertoire has included:

Beethoven – Septet Op. 20 E flat maj

Beethoven – String Trio Op. 9 No. 3 C min

Brahms – Sextet No. 1 in B flat Major

Brahms – Sextet Op. 36 G maj

Denisov – Sonata for 2 violins

Hindson – “Rush” for string quartet and oboe

Loevendie – “Dance” for solo violin

Paterson – “The Legend Of Nintendo” for string quartet (world premiere – especially commissioned by Ensemble Urbane series)

Piazzolla – “Four For Tango”

Purcell – selected Fantasias for Viols

Schubert – Octet in F Major

Schnittke – “Hymn No. 2″ for Cello and Double Bass

Strauss – Sextet from Capriccio

Stravinksy – Histoire du Soldat (The Soldier’s Tale)

Hindson – “Rush” for string quartet and oboe

“Northern Lights” reworked for string quartet  – Kolac/Leahy

various works performed by award bluegrass fiddler Luke Moller


Venues have included:

Artboy Gallery, Loop bar, 1000 Pound Bend cinema space



Details for the next ENSEMBLE URBANE are concert coming soon.

ENSEMBLE URBANE is also available to be hired for concert events.


To keep informed about ENSEMBLE URBANE projects, please “like” the STRING SOURCE/PHILHARMONIA AUSTRALIA Facebook page or email leah@stringsource.com.au to be put on the ENSEMBLE URBANE mailing list.


More images here:

CONCERT 5 @ Loop

CONCERT 4 @ 1000 Pound Bend

CONCERT 3 @ Artboy Gallery

CONCERT 2 @ Loop


The ENSEMBLE URBANE series doesn’t receive any funding. The people participating in each performance do so because they love their art form and they want to share it. The series relies on ticket sales to sustain itself so if you like what we do and you’d like to help us, please spread the word about us!